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Women in Health Tech

Technologies like IoT, Machine Learning, AI are changing the landscape of healthcare and helping in boosting healthcare solutions in India. It is estimated to be the fastest-growing sector and with the combination of technology it will create a new milestone in healthcare. We, at WiT, recognize the growing potential that lies in the Health-Tech industry and created a Women in Health-Tech community. The purpose of community is-to engage is conversations with the industry leaders and provide an opportunity to learn and grow to women. The community will engage in diverse topic discussions like the future of wearables, Data Analytics & Healthcare, AI & Diagnosis, etc. WiT Ace provides women an opportunity to participate in Hackathon events to solve real issues in the Health Industry and seek job opportunities through industry tie-ups.
(This is an all women community)

Current Trends in Women in Health Tech

Healthcare Industry Trends: Seven Trends in 2020
Healthcare is an essential, dynamic, and opportunity-rich industry. The demand for innovation to drive simultaneous improvement in health outcomes, affordability, quality, and access will continue to be high. As we look ahead, we suggest keeping an eye on the following seven trends. Read More
8 Health-Tech Hiring Trends for 2020
The health care ecosystem is rapidly shifting towards innovative care delivery models such as virtual, remote, and alternate care. The deployment of artificial intelligence (AI), advanced data analytics, Internet of Things (IoT) as well as other emerging technologies and data-driven tools
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