A recent Deloitte report on women in the boardrooms around the world shows that over the last six years, India has seen a decline in the number of women CEOs. As per the Deloitte study, in 2016, the share of women CEOs in India stood at 6.6% but declined to 3.4% in 2018, and in 2021, it stood at a disappointing 4.7% only, way below previous levels.

Now is the time to empower women and support them in their climb up the corporate ladder -

Let's imagine something which has been somewhat unimaginable in the past. 

Let's fort a plan to inspire women to claim the arena and excel.

Let's define what it takes to make a mark in the Leadership roles.

Let's reimage the dynamics of Leadership for Women.

Join this insightful conversation with eminent IBM Leaders talking about their real life inspirations and exploring strategies for women to combat challenges in their professional journey.

Leaders will shed light on some of the Upskilling Programs and training offered at IBM especially for women. Know more about the importance of training and upskilling opportunities, how to anticipate emerging skill requirements and the significance of such training in one’s career trajectory.

Join us for an in depth discussion on 1st Sept, 4:30pm with the esteemed speakers from IBM who will garner the way for women to Leadership roles their way....the IBM way!

Event Overview

  • Event Type Virtual
  • Price Free


Gaurav Sharma

Vice President, IBM Software, Software

Tejaswani Rajwade

Chief Financial Officer, India South Asia

Viswanath Ramswamy

Vice President, IBM Technology Sales (ISA), Global Sales - Cloud Platform Sales

Moderated by Prachi Rastogi

Diversity and Inclusion Leader- APAC


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