Assessment Details

Congratulations on embarking this journey towards becoming an impactful leader.

Learning is embedded in the core values at Schneider and it’s encouraging to see leaders of the future, like you, investing in their learning and gearing up to become the best version of themselves. .   

Urja Objectives

Urja aims at enabling women talent in the organization both personally and professionally and connect them with enhanced access to resources, techniques and various Leadership Program Alumni, instilling in them Self Believe and Confidence to develop a network of Solution Oriented Women.

The journey of self-development is a process, and it will start with the first step - pre-assessment. This Assessment rests on the 3 pillars of a Woman's life, SelfOrganisation Family, and is designed to help you navigate through your journey by identifying your strengths and development areas.

This assessment is particularly designed to help you get insights on where you are in your journey today. You'll be able to see the impact Urja will create as we’ll assess your progress after 6 months with a post assessment.

Assessment Details

Given that women are unique in the way they approach, build, experience, and choose their career journey - we at WeAce are convinced that the support, knowledge, and opportunities they need at every life stage to succeed and grow - must also be unique and bespoke.

We believe that what individuals achieve is governed by their internal selves. However, their ecosystem enables them to fully explore the potential. This means that the recipe for success is 60% you and 40% your environment.

The WeAce Enhanc(Her) Assessment rests on the 3 pillars of a Woman's life, Self, Organisation & Family, and is designed to help you navigate through your journey by identifying your strengths and development areas.


Why should you take this Assessment?

The purpose of this self-assessment is to help women know the extent of their abilities and to improve upon them. It follows into providing solutions that should be followed to enhance your professional front and work-life balance.

Who can take this Assessment?

Urja participants from the batch of 2023

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The assessment report includes:

  • Understanding the 3 Pillars (Self, Organization, and Family) that impact your career
  • Overall score combining insights from the 21 Key Areas that the 3 pillars are divided into
  • Suggestions for focus areas.

You also get a comprehensive report that outlines which of these Key Areas are your

  • Strengths
  • Areas of Reflection
  • Areas of Development
  • DURATION 45 Minute(s)
  • CATEGORY Assessments
  • KEY LEARNING AREA Self Awareness

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