Enrollment Date: Apr 4, 2022 - May 21, 2022
About this course

Men can sell better than women. Or so it is believed. Have you noticed how often women shy away from taking jobs and roles involving sales? The perception is that men can communicate clearer and so can use their persuasion skills to perform a sale. Women shy away from building their profession in sales due the nature and demand of the role and the fear that it will clash with their role as a mother and wife. This program will demystify the myths surrounding sales roles for women, and introduce you to a structured process to master the selling skills. Women too have the skills for sales executive.

Who can do this course?

Any woman who wants to ace the Sales role. This could be of particular interest to women entrepreneurs, or small business owners.

What will you learn in this session?

1. The changing face of Sales and opportunities - Learn how the world of sales is evolving and has opened up opportunities for women

2. Introduction to a structured model for Sales - Learn to build an effective Sales model through a structured process

3. How can women build careers in Sales? - Learn to align and build consumer centric skills 

4. Challenges & Concerns of Women - Address the challenges of pressure, uncertainty and old school principles.

5. Why should women consider roles in Sales? - Build on your innate qualities and core strengths to become a sales leader

Program Structure

Date and Time: Friday 20th May,2022, 4 to 5 pm

Session Flow: 

  • Understand Selling
  • Learn to develop a Sales Model
    • Transaction selling
    • Relationship selling
    • Solution selling
    • Partnership Selling
  • Engage with the consumers
  • Build Connect
  • Discover Consumer Needs and design solutions
  • Handle doubts
  • Close the sale
  • Post-sale Support
  • Future of B2B Sales for women.
  • Q & A

This program will equip women professionals with the skills to secure, manage and grow long-term client relationships, in B2C and B2B selling environments.

About the Speaker:

Chandan RoyChoudhury - Managing Director Momenta India, Founder & Managing Director ISCP Singapore, Member Global Advisory Board at ISOFP, Singapore is here to offer insights on how women too can lead in Sales roles.

Meet your trainer
Chandan RoyChoudhury
Chandan RoyChoudhury
More information about course
  • Duration Duration
    1 Hour(s)
  • Level Level
  • Category Category
    Business and Technical Skills
  • Key Learning Area Key Learning Area
    Sales careers for Women, Sales Modelling , Skilling in Sales, Sales and marketing skills
  • Training Format Training Format
    Online Instructor Led
  • Certification Certification
Meet your trainer
Chandan RoyChoudhury
Chandan RoyChoudhury
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