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Can I Have It All?’ focuses on enabling aspiring women to follow their heart to fulfill their ambitions through the life's crossroads in a structured way by defining their own narrative. The exclusive program is for professionals, home makers and leaders in their respective fields to support them in steering the path towards realizing their true potential whilst breaking gender stereotypes.

This program will incorporate real life lessons from the speaker on how they dealt with challenges and inspire you to deal with what they faced in their Professional/ Personal life. 

'Inspiration, thy name is Woman!', through this session we will inspire women to take that bold step which will lead them to be the best version of themselves.

It will cover the 7 core principles of:
The program will give detailed knowledge of how these 7 Cs can act as a lifeboat in one's journey to find the right balance.

Why should one attend: To build a long-term view of a career plan, anticipating and having the conviction to deal with the challenges around oneself especially those of Life Stage transitions of Marriage, Maternity and Mobility. This will help in reviewing one's own strengths, weaknesses, opportunities.

Program Structure

The program is a 16 hours virtual classroom spread across 4 sessions of 4 hours each.

Module 1 : Clarity & Conviction
1. Introduction and icebreaker
2. 5 Ps of Clarity
3. Collective Conscious – Theories & Framework
4. The Success Triangle 
5. Value-Norm-Belief Theory 
6. Real life examples
7. Live case studies & role plays

Module 2 : Conviction continued & Choices
1. Recap and Discussion around takeaways from Module 1
2. Incisive Questioning Framework 
3. The 2 Big Social Conditioning traps 
4. 3E model for hard choices
5. 4 popular tools for decision making 
6. Real life examples
7. Live case studies & role plays

Module 3 : Choices continued & Courage
1. Recap and Discussion around takeaways from Module 2
2. 80-20 rule for business decision making 
3. 3 key parameters to define the Locus of Control
4. 2 common myths about Courage 
5. 6 acts of everyday courage 
6. State vs Trait Technique
7. Real life examples
8. Live case studies & role plays

Module 4 : Confidence, Connect & Collaborate
1. ME & WE – 2 sides of the Coin 
2. 2 step approach to grow your success arena
3. 7 rules to become Confident
4. Women & Networking 
5. Purpose of personal identity in building connections
6. Stakeholder Mapping Technique 
7. Real life examples
8. Live case studies & role plays
9. Remarks & Closure

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  • DURATION 16 Hour(s)
  • LEVEL Beginner
  • FORMAT Online Instructor Led
  • CATEGORY Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
  • KEY LEARNING AREA Manage Work, Family and Self, life stage transitions, managing crossroads
  • SKILLS Self Awareness, Prioritization
  • BEST FOR Working Women, Women of all ages

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