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The Importance of Diversity in the workplace is acknowledged by everyone. For a healthy performance-oriented culture, organisations need the right mix of talent which is not bound by gender. However, the challenge that they face is how to make diversity work and have an organisation where everyone feels a sense of belongingness and a place where they can bring their complete self to work. Ascend is our Gender Sensitisation Program, aimed at sensitising employees on gender-related issues by helping them understand gender differences and enabling them to take an approach that is responsive to gender differences and relations between genders, be it colleagues, clients, or partners.

The goal of gender sensitisation is to address issues in gender equality and encourage participants to pursue solutions to build a safe workplace for all genders.

The program includes a positive and gender-intelligent organisational culture, growth, and progress of women leaders and also deals with lower levels of gender conflict and harassment.

Elements of the workshop include

  • Getting aware of one’s blind spots and unconscious biases
  • Learning strategies to overcome personal biases
  • Focussing on psychological safety for a diverse team
  • Improving workplace collaboration
  • Creating a more inclusive workplace

The topic is approached with the SEEDS Model and explores our biases based on:

  • Similarity Biases
  • Experience Biases
  • Experience Biases
  • Distance Biases
  • Safety Biases


Learning Outcomes:

  • Ascend 'Diversity' - Learn the difference between Diversity, Inclusion and Equality and understand the need for sensitisation
  • Ascend your 'Unconscious Biases' - Learn to identify stereotypes, prejudices, discrimination and evaluate the impact of biases on organisation in context of people and business
  • Ascend to Integrate - Achieve clarity for self-awareness, learn about D&I communication style, learn the tactics of resolving and dealing with biases at workplace


Why should you attend?

 For Organisations

  • Business Growth: Organisations with focus on gender diversity show 15% higher financial returns
  • Talent Retention: Attract and retain top talent in the industry
  • Innovation at Work: Increased innovation and sustainability as a result of inclusive work culture

For Individuals

  • Self Awareness: Understand your own blind spots and your bias lens so as to have a more inclusive mindset
  • Personal Growth: Learn strategies to overcome personal biases
  • Happiness at Work : Improved workplace collaboration


Who can do this Program

  • Individuals working across diverse teams
  • People managers who are expected to manage diverse teams

Program Structure



#Program OutlineDURATION
1Introduction and Icebreaker - Purpose of the workshop - Learning objectives15 minutes

ASCEND : Diversity a Competitive edge Relation between Diversity, Equity Inclusion and Belongingness and its impact on Business profitability

- Making gender sensitisation a core competitive advantage
- Activity based: working women case study in 3Ms
- OUTCOME: Understanding the importance of diversity at workplace

45 minutes
3ASCEND your Unconscious Bias
- What is unconscious Bias and why it matters to your career & Business - Overcoming Unconscious Bias with respect to gender
- Case study – Returnee women management case study
- OUTCOME: Tips and real stories on how to handle unconscious bias
45 minutes
4ASCEND to integrate at workplace (in break out group exercise)
- Understanding the Motivation and behaviours of different groups of women (single, married, trans-women) - Identify inappropriate responses and behaviour in self and others when dealing with gender difference
- Learn to address and resolve biases and discrimination at work-place
- Build synergetic alliances and support systems
- OUTCOME: Action plan for what will be addressed in the team management
60 minutes
5Reflections and closure15 minutes


Know Your Trainer

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  • DURATION 3 Hour(s)
  • LEVEL Beginner
  • FORMAT Online Instructor Led
  • CATEGORY Leadership & Management
  • KEY LEARNING AREA Gender Diversity, Inclusive Environment
  • SKILLS Inclusion, Gender Sensitisation

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