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About this course

Wondering what's the way to shine? The speaker emphasizes on how women are lighting the way to leadership by taking charge of situations. We have the choice to give our best towards the goal that we have set for ourselves. 

By the end of this course you will learn about : 

1. Building connection, trust, empathy, communication, confidence and influence 

2. How to drive action and accountability 

3. Deepening the connectivity, find solutions, make commitments & shine abundantly

Program Structure

Why is it important to shine? It is a 20 minute session with Anu Aga, Indian billionaire businesswoman and social worker who led Thermax, an energy and environment engineering business. She speaks about unique paths to leadership for women. She talks about the mantra of 'If you achieve what you set out to do, celebrate the success, if you don’t, take it in your stride and keep trying'

Meet your trainer
Anu Aga
Anu Aga
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  • Duration Duration
    20 Minute(s)
  • Level Level
  • Category Category
    Life Stage Enablers
  • Key Learning Area Key Learning Area
    Always Give Your Best
  • Training Format Training Format
    Online Self Paced
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Meet your trainer
Anu Aga
Anu Aga
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