In this online session, we have for you two special guests who have been instrumental in shaping Human Resources in India the way it has grown over time. Join us for a candid conversation with Dr Arvind N Agarwal and Professor T.V. Rao as they share with our Co-Founder & CEO, Anuranjita Kumar, the story behind their brilliant book- 'Leaders in the Making'.

The book is a genuinely imaginative addition to the body of research surrounding the qualities of great leadership, while also offering quick-to-grasp lessons for those who are looking for applications rather than research. It includes in-depth interviews of thirty HR leaders, drawn from public as well as private sectors, providingan analysis of these thirty stories to establish a pattern of the life journeys,

competencies and values these leaders displayed. In the session, we deep-dive into their journey with the book, highlighting the lessons they have for the development of HR professionals specifically as well as general leadership in various walks of life. 

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  • Event Type Virtual
  • Price Free


Dr Arvind N Agrawal

Managing Partner- Lead Associates

Dr T.V. Rao

Chairman- T.V. Rao Learning Systems

Moderator: Anuranjita Kumar

Co-Founder & CEO, We-Ace


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