Digital Transformation - JP Morgan Perspective

One of the key priorities of JP Morgan is Digital Transformation i.e. adoption of new technologies and products across the board to improve performance and enable intelligent solutions. From reducing operational risk by automation to creating user-friendly views for data and trends, from cloud computing to machine learning, from big data to AI, there are numerous components of digital product transformation. These components have found multiple use cases across different functions in investment banking like risk management, modeling, and infrastructure development.

We invite you for our next talk as we explore new technologies and strategic approaches that drive digital innovation at JP Morgan. In this talk, we would cover some of the case studies that discover new ways to solve problems and focus on the skills and capabilities required to build tools and services that are digital-ready. 

Join the quest of digital innovation on 27th April at 4:30 pm and meet our teams that leverage data-driven insights, diverse perspectives and lean-agile methodologies to maximize business value.

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