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Learning Objectives:

  • Understanding Authentic Leadership
  • Identify the core Values of leading with Authenticity
  • Understand the roadblocks in practicing Authenticity and how to overcome them
  • Learn the cardinal rules of being an Authentic Leader


About this course


Authenticity is the healthy alignment between internal values and beliefs and external behavior. Authenticity comes from finding your style and your way of leading — and making life decisions that reflect your ethics, values, and your personality.

Authentic leadership is one leadership style that emphasizes transparency, genuineness and honesty. Proponents of authentic leadership say this type of leader is best positioned to inspire trust, loyalty and strong performances from employees.

The uniqueness of who you are, and your unique personality, belong to your innate qualities. It is impossible for you to show up as an authentic leader without having these innate qualities on display. While these qualities are critical, they are of little value in a leader that lacks the skills to bring them to the forefront day in and day out.

Authentic leadership is manifested through skills that can be learned. This session will teach you that these skills can be practiced and masterfully expressed through your unique personality.



Why should you attend?

  • You will Learn the meaning and significance of Authentic Leadership
  • You will learn how to practice Authenticity in your Leadership
  • You will be able to have implement AL and see increased levels of inspiration, creativity, and productivity from your team


Know your Trainer 

Kate Jones, Director, Neon CLC

Kate is a coach, consultant and facilitator with 30 years experience in personal, organisational and systemic change/development. She is a creative soul and has a fascination for what it means to be human. Kate founded Neon in 2013 after ten years in management consulting and another ten in social care, to focus on working more in-depth and more creatively with her clients. She is absolutely committed to making real change in the personal and professional lives of those with whom she works, and the systems in which they operate, and is ambitious in her desire to enable more organisations to be a force for good in the world.

Her own creativity is channeled into writing prose and poetry, singing / songwriting, painting / playing with imagery and colour.



“I have always wanted to be and inspirational leader and emulated the most famous leaders to this effect. But now I do realise that I can inspire the most by being my true self!.”

Neelanjana Das, Head Architect.


“Kate is such a great trainer! So many moments in the session were so quoteworthy, brilliant session.”

Swapana Jugal, Operations Lead


Who can do this course?

  • Business Leaders who want to have more effective leading abilities
  • Team Leaders
  • People who are making a transition from being ICs to Managers

Program Structure

Program Structure

This is a self-paced session with Kate Jones, Director, NEON CLC who will take you through the nuances of Authentic Leadership and discuss its components, review some of the characteristics of authentic leaders and go over steps you can take to develop your leadership skills and become an authentic leader, too.


Session Flow

  • What Is Authentic Leadership? 
  • Characteristics Of Authentic Leaders 
  • From The Leader’s Lens-  Kate Jone’s Journey To Success
    • What Does Authentic Leadership Mean To You?
    • What Does It Look Like?
    • How Do You Develop It?
    • What Gets In The Way Of Authentic Leadership?
    • Why Is It Worth It And What Is The Prize?
    • What’s Your Advice To Aspiring Female Leaders?
  • The Four Cardinal Rules Of Authentic Leadership

Know Your Trainer

Get your certificate of completion

  • DURATION 54 Minute(s)
  • LEVEL Junior Level (2-7 years), MID Level (8-15 years)
  • FORMAT Online Self Paced
  • Academy Leadership & Management
  • Topics Agile
  • KEY LEARNING AREA Authentic Leadership, Values, Awareness
  • SKILLS Self Awareness
  • BEST FOR Managers, Leaders, Aspiring People Managers

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