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Excelerate is our mid-career leadership offering for women aspiring to make a change from middle management roles to senior leadership roles. It aims to enable women to make the right choices whilst balancing other pressures. It will help participants to focus on their leadership vision, style and prepare them to anticipate and manage challenges in their journey.

The program ensures that women are well poised to have a lasting impact and build strategic impact for themselves and for the organization. 


Learning Outcomes:

  • Excelerate through better awareness- Understand your leadership style and motivation
  • Excelerate as you influence - Create your social capital and branding and learn about stakeholder mapping
  • Excelerate through self-belief - Learn to create a visual vision board and align personal and professional goals

Program Structure

The program is a 9 hours virtual classroom, spread across 3 modules of 3 hours each.

Module 1: Excelerate through better Awareness
1. Introduction and icebreaker
2. Revisiting 'Conditioning' : Classical Conditioning, Gender Stereotyping, Gender Polarization
3. Understanding 'Motivation and Behaviour' : Learn about your primary motivation and how effective it can be through reflective exercise and Barrett's conscious model
4. Claiming and Understanding the concept of 'My Space' : The exercise will help dig deeper and understand how choices are a result of conditioning
5. Discover your Leadership style : It will cover the leadership style assessment for each participant and learn about situational leadership
6. Reflections and Closure

Module 2: Excelerate as you Influence
1. Recap and Pre work 
2. The Volatile environment and Us - Understand the anatomy of work and home, creating rules of engagement(communication) through an exercise. The activity will also help in explaining enablers and derailers at home and work
3. Community Building and Lean in : Participants will learn about how to create Social Capital and have a Personal Brand through various techniques.
4. Stakeholder Management and influencing Skills : This will be conducted through case studies, role plays and Stakeholder priority matrix.

Module 3: Excelerate through Self Belief
1. Context setting and learning objectives - The outcome of this module is to understand and align personal goals with organizational goals and create an action plan for the future choices.
2. Visioning the Future - The aim of the visioning exercise is to discover the present narratives, values and beliefs and make choices based on it for future. The purpose of river of life exercise is to understand the process of making one's identity.
3. The last leg of 'Ultimate Makeover' - The section will be crucial to put all the learnings from 3 modules to an action plan sheet. The participants will explore how an action plan is created and what are the key elements to be included in an action plan.
4. Remarks and Closure

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  • DURATION 9 Hour(s)
  • LEVEL Beginner
  • FORMAT Online Instructor Led
  • CATEGORY Leadership & Management
  • KEY LEARNING AREA Talent Development, Networking & Advancement, Leadership Training
  • SKILLS Leadership Skills
  • BEST FOR Working Women looking for the next big career move

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