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Biases are of multiple kinds, seen or hidden. It can be harmful and can prevent innovation, harm relationships between employees and affect organisations. It is important to recognise them, understand them, and know how to deal with them at different levels. Also, there are many biases that tend to be unconscious, that manifest, and have implications that make it difficult for people to exchange accurate decisions. So learn from the experts how to be extremely conscious of these biases.


Learning Outcomes:

  • Understanding  and recognizing biases
  • Understanding its effects
  • How coaching helps bring awareness
  • How to deal with biases
  • Policies companies that deal with such situations


Why should you attend? 

  • Become conscious of your own biases and others and how to avoid these biases
  • Learn to deal with biases at different levels


Know your Speakers: 

Vijaya Prasanna - She is the Director at Walmart Global Tech India, with demonstrated expertise of working in the US Healthcare and Benefits outsourcing services, Retail and SCM industry. She is a strong professional skilled in setting up large offshore teams, Product development, Operations and Transitions management, Oracle Database Management, Talent Management and more.

Chaitanya Sreenivas - He is the Chief Talent Officer at Kyndryl. A management professional with a wide experience in Consulting, Process Transformation, Operations Delivery Management and HR, he specialises in Management Consulting, Process Transition and Transformation, Competency Development, and more.

Aditi Mahadevan - She is the Managing Director, APAC Head of Talent, Learning and Diversity at Citi, and is also a certified trainer for leadership programs, certified MBTI Practitioner, and a RACC certified Coach



 “Understood the different biases that exist and how to deal with them” - Pooja Vahi,executive

There is a crazy amount of biases at workplace and this conversation definitely throws light on it” - Stuti K Chakravarty

 “My understanding of biases and how i can make a difference has definitely got better” - Vinay Nagpal,Director


Who can do this program?

Anyone interested in learning about Biases and how to deal with it

Program Structure

Session flow-

  • Introduction of panelists
  • How to recognize biases
  • How Biases affect us and the organization
  • What are organizations doing to educate and avoid biases
  • How does coaching help to bring awareness
  • Should we avoid and ignore biases when it’s a senior or speak up
  • How to deal with biases during the hiring
  • Role of  technology -is it  Biassed too
  • Is it always the responsibility of HR to manage Biases
  • Creating policies to avoid and manage biases

Get your certificate of completion

  • DURATION 50 Minute(s)
  • LEVEL Junior Level (2-7 years), Mid Level (8-15 years)
  • FORMAT Online Self Paced
  • Academy Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
  • Topics Women Development
  • KEY LEARNING AREA Unconscious bias, managing bias in the workplace
  • SKILLS Project Management

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