Award Ceremony for VOW (Voices of Women)

We were sure that words have the power to move mountains but we were pleasantly surprised to see how much the women cohort had to say.

This year 1000+ women came forward and registered and we got 250+ inspiring blog entries to evaluate.

The time has finally come. After an exciting month of inviting registrations, submitting insightful blogs, and 2 series of jury rounds of evaluation, we have reached the much-awaited phase of VOW | Voices of Women-presented by We-ACE and powered by IBM. The top 10 entries have gotten their spotlight on our platform.  

Before we mark an end to VOW 2.0, we want to honor the winners. Come join us for the live award ceremony on 29th March, Tuesday at 4:30 pm where we announce results of our Popular Choice Awards and Jury evaluation rounds.

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