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How to become an emotionally and a mentally strong woman? 

Emotional Strengthening is a weapon to survive life and triumph over every challenge that it throws at us. The conversation is about how we can train our mind to do what we want it to do. Speaker also talks about an interesting concept FOPO (Fear of People's Opinions) and how to drop it. 

Why should you attend?

Doing this course will help you with how:-

  • You will train your brain and be in control of it
  • You will know the tools how to be grateful and meditate
  • You will learn few breathing exercises
  • You will learn how to stop stereotypes break your spirit
  • You will Learn how to be kind to yourself because you deserve it

Know your Trainer

Ranjini Manian

Founder Chair at Championwoman - Global Adjustments Foundation, Author, Philanthropist, Social Entrepreneur, Meditation Coach

  • Vision holder of non profit Championwoman movement at Global Adjustments Foundation. Served on Harvard Women’s leadership Board.
  • Currently serves on Apollo Hospitals Advisory board and - Madras Management Association’s (MMA) Managing Committee.
  • Entrepreneur,Author,Speaker. Founded Global Adjustments - India's leading relocation and cross-cultural services across 7 cities in India.


This course taught me how to calm my thoughts in the most strenuous situations- Rita Kapoor - Home Maker

It has been a very self awakening experience, I look forward to following the tools and breathing exercises taught by Maam- Bindu Dhawan- Entrepreneur

Who can attend?

  • Any woman who wants to build her own brand and wants to be defined by it.

Program Structure

This is a 30 mins self paced Module


Session flow:-

The essential take-aways are: 

  • Acknowledge the emotions and thoughts
  • Importance of getting stronger & increasing your capacity
  • 2 Tools and tasks to do so we feel better and stand strong and let the world see that you are capable of greater things.
  • Calming Breathing Exercises
  • Focus on a more positive way of thinking especially when trying to achieve a seemingly impossible goal

Emotional intelligence fuels our performance in every sphere. This is a 30 minute self paced conversation on mindfulness where the speaker Ranjini Manian, Founder-Chairperson-Global Adjustments Foundation, emphasizes on how to live completely in the present and shares a few tools and techniques which can help to develop an emotionally controlled environment. 

Know Your Trainer

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  • DURATION 30 Minute(s)
  • LEVEL Entry Level (0-2 years), Junior Level (2-7 years)
  • FORMAT Online Self Paced
  • Academy Wellness
  • Topics Emotional Wellness
  • KEY LEARNING AREA Mindfulness
  • SKILLS Emotional Intelligence
  • BEST FOR Working Women, Women of all ages

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