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About this course

Hey Siri! Hey Google! Alexa! Do these sound familiar? Well, virtual bots and assistants are practically everywhere helping consumers and addressing their needs. And you can now learn what goes behind the existence of these bots. What is it that makes them interact in a human manner? Learn how they communicate and what a conversational AI does.

Why should you attend

  • You will be able to better utilise virtual assistants and bots by understanding the basics of Conversational Artificial Intelligence.
  • You will understand now how Netflix suggests the perfect movies and how Amazon always knows what you need.
  • You will understand buzzwords like ML (Machine Learning), NLP (Natural Language Processing) and Cloud Computing.


Know the speakers

Shridhar Marri, CEO and Co-Founder at Senseforth, 

Sugandha Srikanteswaran, Managing Director, Digital Technology Services, India Operations at S & P Global

Rania Khalaf, Chief Information and Data Officer at Inari

Pranjal Sharma Economic analyst, Advisor and Author.



"Very Interesting! The speakers are very knowledgeable. "

Divya Chaudhary, homemaker


"Great! I am very interested in ML and NLP. Request you to do more courses on these please.!"

Aman Byas, IT Intern


Who can do this course?

Anyone interested in learning about Machine Learning and NLP that develop conversational AI products.

Program Structure

Session Flow:

  • What is Conversational AI?
  • How context and delivery is achieved using ML and NLP technologies
  • How can this AI be scaled to be more inclusive transcending regional barriers?
  • What skills are needed to pursue a career in AI ?
  • How do you ensure privacy and data safety?
  • What kinds of frameworks are needed to ensure compliance?
More information about course
  • Duration Duration
    45 Minute(s)
  • Level Level
  • Category Category
    Business and Technical Skills
  • Training Format Training Format
    Online Self Paced
  • Certification Certification
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