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About this course

Not sure if your business needs an AI? 

Think investing in AI is a luxury? 

Well, truth be told, it is fast becoming a necessity. The world of AI is touching all kinds of companies , big or small.


Learning Outcomes

  • Keep up with the Market needs and upscale your business with AI
  • Understand the basics of AI and its usage to get ahead of the curve
  • Know what mistakes to avoid and surpass your peers!


Know the speakers

Suguna Jayaraj

SVP, Head of P&C Analytics at Swiss Re

Dr.Manish Bhide

Distinguished Engineer & CTO AI Governance at IBM 



"I always felt shy discussing technology but these nugget courses are helping me gain knowledge at my own speed."

Srishty Kotia, Small Business Owner

"Although this is a women's platform, I have found many topics that interest me. This course was very useful as I have a small team and need technological help."

Alex Massey, Entrepreneur

Program Structure

Session Flow:

  • The certification and validation needed of the AI models
  • Discussion on the change AI brings in the regular business
  • The feasibility of deploying AI
  • The factors to be kept in during initial days and during scale up
  • The ROI on deployment
  • How the transfer of legacy systems, data quality works
  • Understand the use of AI
  • Scaling of AI implementations

Organisations are trying to leverage the strength of AI in growing their business more effectively. Deploying AI models has its own fair share of challenges, let us look at the factors that organisations need to take care of before getting into large scale AI deployment.

Hear the success stories and challenges faced by organisations for AI deployment.

More information about course
  • Duration Duration
    50 Minute(s)
  • Level Level
  • Category Category
    Business and Technical Skills
  • Key Learning Area Key Learning Area
    Implementing AI models, Challenges faced during an AI deployment, Compliance and regulatory framework for deploying AI
  • Training Format Training Format
    Online Self Paced
  • Certification Certification
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