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Date: Oct 3, 2023

Time: 3.00 to 5.00 pm IST

The Financial Wellness Emergency Funds and Insurance program extends an inviting hand, ushering you into the realm of financial stability and risk mitigation. Through immersive discussions and hands-on exercises, participants shall unravel the art of calculating, establishing, and nurturing emergency funds, while simultaneously delving into the world of insurance selection and management. This transformative training serves as an essential compass for those seeking to fortify their financial security, warding off the unforeseen with sagacity. 

The voyage will chart courses through risk assessment, claims management, and the pivotal role of insurance in tempering the tempests of financial unpredictability.

Learning Objectives:

  • Unveiling the Value: Recognise the quintessential significance of emergency funds and their meticulous calculation. 
  • Crafting Foundations: Strategies for nurturing and sustaining Emergency Funds.
  • Exploring Insurance Avenues: A panoramic journey through diverse insurance coverage options. 
  • Guardians of Security: Harness the power of Risk Assessment and the shield of Insurance. Symphony of Integration: Weaving Emergency Funds and Insurance into the fabric of Financial Planning. 
  • Wisdom of Decision-Making: Guiding the compass towards Informed Choices in Insurance Coverage.

Why should you attend?

  • Emerge equipped to navigate the labyrinth of financial uncertainties with skill and aplomb. 
  • Unearth the art of safeguarding your valuable assets, harnessing the tool of insurance. 
  • Forge the bedrock of resilient financial well-being, ushering stability and tranquillity into your future.

Know your Trainer:

Ruchi Shah is a Chartered Accountant (1998 Batch), currently working with We-Ace as CAO heading Finance & Compliance. We-Ace is focused on helping clients to create balanced & progressive workplaces.
In her previous profile she was the Head of the Institutional Clients Group (ICG) Financial Planning & Analysis Team in the Mumbai FP&A Center for Citi till Sep 2015
Earlier she has worked as Head of Business Planning & Analysis for the Commercial Banking Business, Citibank India.
Prior to joining Citibank, she has worked with Nortel Networks India Ltd. & HCL Technologies Limited. Handled versatile roles in controlling, corporate finance and internal audit.

Who can attend? 

Emergency funds and insurance program extends a gracious welcome to all who harbour a desire to enhance their personal and financial management prowess

Program Structure

Emergency funds and insurance is a 2-hour Instructor Led program.

Session Flow

  • Embarking on the Financial exploration: Pioneering the importance of Emergency Funds in the tapestry of Financial Planning. 
  • Crafting the Reserve: Immersive discussions and practical exercises unravel personalised Emergency Fund Strategies. 
  • Exploring the Panorama of Insurance: Navigating the mosaic of Insurance Coverage Options. 
  • Guardians of Financial Security: Unravelling the potent combination of Risk Assessment and the Shield of Insurance. 
  • Integration in Motion: Seamlessly weaving Emergency Funds and Insurance into the framework of Financial Planning.
  • A Symphony of Individualisation: Tailoring Emergency Fund Strategies to your unique financial landscape. 
  • The Sage's Dilemma: Guiding Informed Decision-Making in the Realm of Insurance Coverage.

Know Your Trainer

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  • DURATION 2 Hour(s)
  • LEVEL Beginner
  • FORMAT Hybrid
  • CATEGORY Wellbeing
  • KEY LEARNING AREA Risk assessment, Claims management, Insurance coverage.
  • SKILLS Financial Management, Investment Knowledge
  • BEST FOR Emergency funds and insurance program extends a gracious welcome to all who harbour a desire to enhance their personal and financial management prowess.

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