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Being a working woman professional along with having a family comes with its challenges. And if this happens to a woman in a technology role things can get more complicated. 

One of the sectors with the fastest global growth is technology. For those who are proficient in coding, programming, and other technological sectors, there are many jobs. But when it comes to working in technology, women still encounter several obstacles. In contrast to their male counterparts, women in IT confront particular difficulties. These women frequently have to work twice as hard and face many difficulties, from dealing with a shortage of role models to fighting to be taken seriously.

In this conversational session, Annapoorni speaks about her 22 years of her journey working at IBM and dealing with the stereotypes and difficulties of being in an industry dominated by men

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand SWOT Analysis
  • Learn how to prioritize social and professional life
  • Understand the importance of asking for assistance and not taking in too much pressure
  • Know the Importance of seeking a mentor

Why should you attend?

  • You will understand how to tackle everyday challenges as a woman in technology
  • You will understand what support system you need to develop to have a smooth journey
  • You will learn how to balance family and work
  • You will learn why a lot of women opt out of leadership roles and how to prevent it for yourself

Know your Trainer

Annapoorni Rajkumar has worked at IBM for 22 years. 

Global Leader with 21 years of proven business and technical leadership experience blended with strong technical skills in designing system specifications and integrating solutions within existing and new environments, creating high-level architectural designs, blueprints, and infrastructure documentation across multiple platforms.

She started as a design manager and her last role at IBM was being the Director of Networks at IBM. Currently, she is the Director- of Global Services and Organizations and Engineering at Kyndryl.


“Being recently offered a leadership role, I was a bit hesitant about how will I manage my work-life balance. This session was really encouraging and an eye-opener.” Reema Gupta, Fintech Professional

“I love how she is so dedicated to mentoring and guiding the young to discover their career paths. Looking forward to following her and seeking her guidance.” Gayathri Sharma, Computer Science Student

Who can do this course?

  • Women professionals in Technology
  • Women professionals who are looking to start their careers in tech
  • Women professionals who wants to understand how to achieve work-life balance

Program Structure

This is a 60-minute session led and facilitated by Prateek Roy, part of Women in Technology. In conversation with Annapoorni Rajkumar, Director, Network Global Service Operations, IBM

Session Flow

  • Importance of having the right mentors
  • How to identify career path using SWOT Analysis
  • Challenges faced by women in leadership roles and how to face them
  • How remote working will change the work structure of organizations

Know Your Trainer

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  • DURATION 60 Minute(s)
  • LEVEL Entry Level (0-2 years), Junior Level (2-7 years)
  • FORMAT Online Self Paced
  • Academy Business & Technical
  • Topics Web Development
  • KEY LEARNING AREA women in technology
  • SKILLS ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library)
  • BEST FOR Working Professionals

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