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Learning Objectives:

  • Understand Blockchain and Ethereum
  • Analyse the evolution of Web with concepts of decentralisation in Web 3.0
  • Code and deploy Smart Contracts on both Local and Test Networks

About this Course

Web 3.0 or Web3 is the third generation of the World Wide Web that has the potential to provide users with far greater utility, going well beyond the social media, streaming, and online shopping that comprise the majority of Web 2.0 applications consumers use. 

Capabilities like Semantic Web, AI, and machine learning, which are at the core of Web 3.0, have the potential to greatly increase application in new areas and vastly improve user interaction.

With this session, you will understand the concept of Web 3.0 and finally get clarity on Blockchain and Ethereum - the new buzzwords in the computer community.

The trainer will also familiarise you with the usage of ETH, the currency everyone is talking about. This workshop goes a step further than your run off the mill “Web 3.0 basics” and demonstrates the deployment of Smart Contracts live!

Know your Speaker:

Bishneet Kaur, Senior Lead, Cloud Computing, S&P Global

Why should you attend?

  • You will get clarity on the concepts of Blockchain and Ethereum
  • You will understand the concept and Usage of ETH and Metamask Wallet
  • You will be able to handle coding and IDE using VS Code
  • You will be able to deploy on Ganache and Goerli on Local and Test Ethereum Networks


“Very crisp Workshop. All concepts were nicely explained”

Vijaya Sharma, Entrepreneur

“The module was good learning and deployment of contracts was a great addition.”

Sumna Azam, Engineer

Who can attend?

  • Anyone who is interested in and curious about Web3.0 and its usage will gain immense clarity with this workshop.
  • Especially recommended if you are working or aspire to work as a Developer or DevOps Engineer.

Program Structure

This 58 min Self Paced session by Bishneet Kaur, Senior Lead, Cloud Services, S&P Global, covers all about Web 3.0 with a focus on all the concepts of Blockchain and Ethereum networks and ecosystem

Session Flow:

  • Web 1.0/ 2.0/ 3.0
  • Blockchain - Introduction, Principals and Evolution
  • Ethereum - Networks and Implementation
  • App vs dApp
  • Smart Contracts
  • Live Demo of deploying smart contracts
  • Stacks

Know Your Trainer

Get your certificate of completion

  • DURATION 58 Minute(s)
  • LEVEL Entry Level (0-2 years), Junior Level (2-7 years)
  • FORMAT Online Self Paced
  • Academy Business & Technical
  • Topics Software proficiency
  • KEY LEARNING AREA Blockchain, Ethereum, ETC, Web 3.0, Web3, Goerli
  • SKILLS Blockchain Development
  • BEST FOR Software Professionals

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