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Data science is the practice of collecting large data sets of raw data, both structured and unstructured, to identify patterns and extract insights from them. It has evolved so much that the applications of data science are used in healthcare, marketing, banking and finance.


Why should you attend

After doing this course,

  1. You will have clarity on what data science is and how Machine Learning works.
  2. Learn to predict outcomes through basic ML to make decisions and solve problems using data.
  3. You will save time by applying Machine Learning in your work.


Know the speakers

K.V.S Dileep - Head of Program Development, Grey Atom



"I never realised Data Science and Machine learning were such an integral part of my life!"

Shanu Lodha, Sales Person

"Really well explained by the trainer! I am very keen on learning even more about ML now! I can imagine why data science is all the rage now!"

Betsy Massey, college student


Who can do this course?

If you are interested in making a career in Data Science, this course is for you.

Program Structure

Session Flow:


1. Introduction to Data Science

2. Case Study - Netflix

3. Using Machine learning to improve user experience.

4. Brief about how human intervention and data science are linked

5. What is Machine Learning?

6. Case Study

7. Examples of how Data Science & AI is used in our daily lives


This course will help beginners to understand how Data Science and AI are linked. It is designed to give insights about how data science can be used while solving business problems in day-to-day work.

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  • DURATION 40 Minute(s)
  • LEVEL Junior Level (2-7 years)
  • FORMAT Online Self Paced
  • Academy Business & Technical
  • Topics Data Science & Analytics
  • KEY LEARNING AREA Data Science, Technology, Artificial Intelligence
  • SKILLS Machine Learning, Data Science, Artificial intelligence

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