Course Details

A transformative 60-minute journey to harness the power of AI, unlocking its potential for innovation in the workplace.

Program Structure

This is a 60-minute self-paced course. 

  • Introduction to AI (15 mins) 
  • Understand the basics and applications of Artificial Intelligence Explore real-world examples of AI in various industries Implementing AI Strategies (20 mins) 
  • Learn how to integrate AI into existing workflows Explore strategic approaches for successful AI implementation AI and Productivity (15 mins) 
  • Discover how AI enhances workplace efficiency and productivity Identify tools and applications for optimizing tasks with AI Future Trends and Adaptation (10 mins) 
  • Explore upcoming trends in AI & learn strategies for staying ahead and adapting to AI advancements

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  • DURATION 60 Minute(s)
  • LEVEL Entry Level (0-2 years)
  • FORMAT Online Self Paced
  • Academy Business & Technical
  • Topics Artificial Intelligence
  • SKILLS Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence

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