Assessment Details

The WeAce Inclusion Meter Assessment is specifically designed to check the user's Bias and is based on the SEEDS Model. The Inclusion Meter measures specific biases that may be impacting the individual professionally and personally.  These are situational based questions. 


Why should you take this Assessment?

The purpose of this self-assessment is to be aware of your biases and work on them to make your workplace more inclusive.


Who can take this Assessment?

Anybody who wants to be more self-aware and  find out about their unconscious biases


Your Report Icon

The assessment report includes:

  • Understanding the SEEDS Model
  • Quantitative Analysis - Your score on each of the categories from the SEEDS Model  
  • Qualitative Analysis - Details on how the biases are impacting your work
  • Action Steps to mitigate and work on your biases, to move towards an inclusive workplace


  • DURATION 10 Minute(s)
  • Academy Assessments
  • Topics Assessment
  • BEST FOR Working Professionals, Mid and Senior Managers

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