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All of us have different personalities, what is your unique style?

Are you the seductive beauty?

Are you the rebel power?

Are you a good girl?

Are you a noble queen?

Are you a nurturing caregiver?


Are you the wise seeker?

Here we are with an assessment to explore your inner strengths and wisdom archetypes. Come and explore your inner power with us by undertaking this self-assessment.



Why should you do the assessment?

  • To get a new positive understanding of your power and identify your dominant power
  • To know your inner strengths and work towards the path of self-discovery
  • To use your inner strength to support your choices which will further help you grow and nourish your soul
  • To understand your belief system and further work on your limiting beliefs



The six feminine-power models will help Indian women understand themselves and the world around them better, overcome their limiting beliefs and live their life to full potential to create a just and equitable society. Nirupama has spent the last few years coaching and training women across India and has a thorough understanding of the challenges and issues they face. I am thrilled that she is using all that experience to good use in this new book.- DEBJANI GHOSH - PRESIDENT NASSCOM.

Self Belief is the key that liberates us from doubts and diffidence to unleash our true potential. Nirupama Subramanian provides guidance on how to do this- Kiran Mazumdar - Shaw - Executive Chairperson Biocon

Nirupama Subramanian has written a gem of a book. Her fascinating analysis of the six feminine powers is bound to inspire readers and open their eyes to their own deep and unique strengths—strengths with which they can break age-old boundaries. - Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni Author of The Forest of Enchantments and The Last Queen


Who should take the assessment?

  • Working women, women leaders/managers
  • Women on a journey of self-reflection
  • Young women learning and understanding their true potential
  • DURATION 40 Minute(s)
  • CATEGORY Assessments
  • KEY LEARNING AREA Exploring inner wisdom, Knowing your power
  • BEST FOR Working Women, Women of all ages

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