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Date: Sep 28, 2023

Time: 3.00 to 5.00 pm IST

The Financial Wellness Investment and Retirement Planning program extends an invitation to illuminate your path through the labyrinth of investment and chart a serene course towards retirement bliss. This transformative training shall arm you with the knowledge and skills requisite to navigate this multifaceted landscape with confidence and sagacity. Cast a discerning eye over investment fundamentals, unravel the enigma of financial markets, and embrace strategies that cultivate long-term wealth. A spotlight shall also be cast upon the sacred realm of retirement planning and setting the stage for a financially secure and fulfilling retirement. 

Investment and Retirement Planning unveils the curtain on a wide spectrum of topics, from investment vehicles and risk evaluation to portfolio diversification, asset allocation, and the symphony of compounding returns, orchestrating a future marked by financial triumph.

Learning Objectives

  • Rooted in Investment Principles: Navigate the intricate dance of investment fundamentals. The Market Unveiled: Grasp the essence of investing principles and the mosaic of financial markets. 
  • Conquering Risk: Master the art of Risk Assessment and its meticulous Management. Crafting the Symphony: Embark on a journey of Portfolio Diversification and Asset Allocation. 
  • Harvesting the Future: Cultivating Long-Term Wealth through the Magic of Compounding Returns. 
  • Retirement Planning Panorama: Embrace Retirement Planning Goals and Strategies, laying the groundwork for a secure future.

Why should you attend? 

  • Equip yourself with a powerful arsenal of knowledge and skills—navigating the intricate tapestry of investments. 
  • Untangle investment strategies and market dynamics, casting a spotlight on avenues for optimizing your investment portfolio. 
  • Forge a serene path towards a retirement that resonates with security, satisfaction, and tranquility.

Know your Trainer:

Ruchi Shah is a Chartered Accountant (1998 Batch), currently working with We-Ace as CAO heading Finance & Compliance. We-Ace is focused on helping clients to create balanced & progressive workplaces.
In her previous profile she was the Head of the Institutional Clients Group (ICG) Financial Planning & Analysis Team in the Mumbai FP&A Center for Citi till Sep 2015
Earlier she has worked as Head of Business Planning & Analysis for the Commercial Banking Business, Citibank India.
Prior to joining Citibank, she has worked with Nortel Networks India Ltd. & HCL Technologies Limited. Handled versatile roles in controlling, corporate finance and internal audit.

Who can attend? 

The investment and Retirement Planning program extends a warm embrace to all seekers of financial acumen, be it those yearning to traverse the labyrinth of investments or chart a secure retirement.

Program Structure

Investment and Retirement Planning is a 2 hours Instructor Led program.

Session Flow 

  • Deciphering Financial Markets: Delving into the bedrock of Investment Basics. 
  • Masters of Strategy: A voyage into Investment Strategies and the Art of Portfolio Management. 
  • Nurturing Retirement Dreams: Unfurling Retirement Savings Vehicles and Navigating Tax Considerations. 
  • Investment Vistas for Retirement: Unveiling an array of Investment Options tailor-made for retirement dreams. 
  • Harvesting Retirement Income: Weaving Strategies for Retirement Income and Thoughtful Withdrawal Planning. 
  • The Ongoing Symphony: Navigating the tides of Monitoring and Adjusting Your Retirement Plan.

Know Your Trainer

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  • DURATION 2 Hour(s)
  • LEVEL Beginner
  • FORMAT Hybrid
  • CATEGORY Wellbeing
  • KEY LEARNING AREA Investment principles, Financial markets, Retirement savings strategies.
  • SKILLS Taxation, Credit Management, Financial Management, Investment Knowledge
  • BEST FOR The investment and Retirement Planning program extends a warm embrace to all seekers of financial acumen, be it those yearning to traverse the labyrinth of investments or chart a secure retirement.

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