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HR organizations and people leaders spend a lot of time in career discussions with employees and YET The lowest-rated item in employee surveys is Career. The key reason for this is that a career has many factors – some professional and some personal.

It’s like going from destination A to destination B. People who have traveled the route will give you their perspective on how much time it will take. Now if you add your Your unique or “YOUnique” factors like the car you drive, the size of your family, the number of restroom breaks you take, etc., the time estimate to reach destination B will change significantly.

Our vision is to empower employees globally to understand their career trajectories and make more informed decisions based on their unique circumstances. We call this YOUnique Career Assessment.

CareerGPS tool is a self-help tool for employees to get a better understanding of career factors and their runway. It assesses YOUnique factors like your flexibility, your aspiration, your personality, your networks, your purpose, and your experiences. It gives you a unique perspective on your career.

  • Aspiration Factors Aspiration is a key element of a career. In this section, we ask you about your aspirations and goals. This helps in providing comparative insights between your aspirations and other YOUnique factors.
  • YOUnique factors This section has questions related to your unique life stage. These factors help to determine your ability to leverage career opportunities that would require trade off's from a family perspective.
  • Personality factors This section has questions related to who you are as a person and leader. These factors help in identifying what will enable or potentially restrict you from achieving your career aspirations.
  • Experience factors This section has questions to determine the depth and width of your experience. People who have a mix of width and depth are more likely to get greater career options.
  • Network factors This section has questions related to your networks within and outside the organization. Networks play an important role in building your credibility and recommending you for internal and external career opportunities.
  • Purpose factors This section has questions related to your purpose. This helps to determine how well your career is integrated to what makes you happy.


Why should you take this Assessment?

Every change in your life has the potential to have a positive or negative impact on your career. Taking the CareerGPS to evaluate the impact will help you get a better understanding of the future.


Who can take this Assessment?

Any employee with a minimum of 5 years of experience will benefit most from CareerGPS. 


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The assessment report includes:

  • Understanding the 6 YOUnique factors and 15 sub-factors that impact your career
  • A report for each Younique factor and its implications
  • Overall score combining insights from the 6 Younique factors
  • Suggestions for focus areas.

You also get a comprehensive report that outlines which of these 15 sub-factors are

  • Accelerators for career growth
  • Neutral
  • Brakes or watch-out for career growth
  • DURATION 30 Minute(s)
  • Academy Assessments
  • Topics Assessment
  • KEY LEARNING AREA Career Guidance, Self Awareness

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