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About this course

Unicorns, Startups, Funding - You read about them everyday. You are inspired and want to do something of your own, but don't know where to start and whom to ask. You will get all your questions answered by the expert on Venture Capital funding and the various avenues to source it.

Why should you attend?:

This course is for you if :

  • You are curious and want to know how to start and fund a startup?
  • You want to understand the various stakeholders in the VC ecosystem
  • You want to familiarise yourself with all the terminologies used in the world of Venture Capital  (for eg. Private Equity v/s Venture Capital, Angel investors, boot strapping , VC or AIF funds)
  • You want to know the sources of Venture Capital Funds
  • Where should you go if you need capital?
  • What are the considerations that are evaluated by a venture capitalist before investing?

Meet the Speaker:
Arvind Mathur is a pioneer of private equity and venture capital in the Asia-Pacific region. He has over 25 years' global experience in private equity, venture capital, IPOs, mergers. Arvind mentored a start-up entrepreneur under a Goldman Sachs program.


"I have my own little startup that I began a couple of years ago. This program provides the right kind of information to all who are thinking of having their own startups. I would recommend them to enrol into this program and understand the nitty gritty of a VC" - Vaishnavi Chheda, Startup owner

"The speaker is very experiences and has lot of knowledge in the field of Venture Capital. He has taken a very basic approach and explains the process very well. A must do program " - Aisha Narula, Young Professional

Who can do this program?

Anyone who has or is considering to start a venture .

Program Structure


  • Defining a startup
  • Understanding the various terms used in the VC world
  • Who are the different players?
  • Criteria for consideration
  • Case studies
More information about course
  • Duration Duration
    50 Minute(s)
  • Level Level
  • Category Category
    Business and Technical Skills
  • Key Learning Area Key Learning Area
    Venture Capital World, How to raise funds
  • Training Format Training Format
    Online Self Paced
  • Certification Certification
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