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This is a half-day program for a batch size of 30 professionals.


Holistic health coaching unfurls a tapestry woven with mindfulness, encompassing dimensions such as the mind-body connection, nutrition, fitness, stress management, emotional well-being, and sustainable lifestyle habits. This transformative journey equips you with functional strategies to elevate overall wellness, enhance productivity, and defying workplace stress. A symphony of elements converges, creating a holistic masterpiece that shapes a thriving path to health and wellness.

Learning Objectives:

  • A Gateway to Wholeness: Grasp the essence of holistic wellness principles. 
  • The Art of Guiding: Unravel methodologies of health coaching for spiritual and emotional introspection. 
  • Elevating the Self: Nurturing personal well-being through a mosaic of dimensions. 
  • Pioneering Wellness: Championing healthy lifestyle choices and nutritional harmony. 
  • The Language of Empowerment: Foster effective communication and coaching skills. 
  • Cultivating an Oasis: Chart a journey to cultivate a culture of wellness in your professional haven. 
  • Fusion of Practice: Infuse wellness coaching seamlessly into the heart of organisational practices.

Why should you attend? 

  • Become a harbinger of well-being, fostering a culture of productivity, engagement, and well-being. 
  • Unearth the path to balance, shedding the shackles of stress for a life defined by tranquillity. 
  • Craft a legacy of well-being within the workplace, sowing seeds of health and fulfilment.

Know your Trainer:

With high levels of people skills & EQ her core competencies lie in the areas of: Training & Leadership Development, Employee Relations, Performance Management, Facilitation & Team Building initiatives. She looks forward to contributing to people, team effectiveness and targeted growth.

Authored an Article on Emotional Intelligence, published in “The Journal of Applied Social Psychology” Volume 38 Issue 3 Pages 635- 646

Who can attend? 

Holistic Wellness through the Health Coaching program extends an embracing call to all who aspire to kindle their well-being, sculpt self-care rituals, and weave work-life harmony.

For more information on pricing and registration, contact [email protected]

Program Structure

Holistic Wellness through Health Coaching is a 2-hour Instructor Led program. 

Session Flow 

  • Unveiling the Art: Initiating into the realm of Health Coaching. 
  • Dimensions of Wholeness: Delving into the spectrum of Holistic Wellness. 
  • Crafting Dreams: Navigating Goal Setting and Crafting Action Plans. 
  • Nutrition's Symphony: Cultivating Nutritional Harmony and the Art of Healthy Eating. 
  • Movement in Serenity: Unleashing the Magic of Yoga and Exercise. 
  • Taming the Storm: Breathing Techniques as Keys to Stress Management. 
  • Embracing Resilience: Kindling Emotional Well-being and Navigating Resilience. 
  • The Harmonious Juggle: Sculpting Work-Life Balance. Nurturing Bonds: 
  • Forging Supportive Relationships in the backdrop of Wellness. 
  • Infusing the Daily Journey: Weaving Wholeness into your everyday life.

Know Your Trainer

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  • DURATION 3 Hour(s)
  • LEVEL Entry Level (0-2 years), Junior Level (2-7 years), Mid Level (8-15 years), Senior Level (15+ years), CXO Level
  • FORMAT Online Instructor Led
  • Academy Wellness
  • Topics Physical Wellness
  • KEY LEARNING AREA Nutrition, Fitness, Stress management, Emotional well-being, Goal setting.
  • SKILLS Self-awareness
  • BEST FOR Holistic Wellness through the Health Coaching program extends an embracing call to all who aspire to kindle their well-being, sculpt self-care rituals, and weave work-life harmony.

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