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The goal of every large organization across the industries is scalability. Technology is one such avenue that leads to the goal of growth in today’s world. 

Digitally stored content is referred to as a digital asset. Images, pictures, videos, files containing texts, spreadsheets, and slide shows all fall under this category. The concept of a digital asset is continually changing due to the constant development of new digital forms; MP3s, for example, was unheard of before the 1990s.

According to Pawan Kumar, companies today significantly rely on digital assets to shape consumer behavior and increase brand awareness. Digital assets help companies to connect with and engage the target audience through a wide range of channels and mediums using their products and services.

Learning Objectives

  • Discover the meaning of Digital Assets
  • Build your knowledge on how to use digital assets to scale industries
  • Identify the difference in technology across industries like travel, FMCG, etc
  • Understand the diversity agenda of companies like JFL
  • Preparation to align teams to achieve goals and target numbers

Why should you attend?

  • You will understand what are digital assets
  • You will know how companies like Jubilant use digital assets to grow their businesses
  • You will know how Jubilant and similar companies’ strategies to compete with giants like Zomato or swiggy

Know your Trainer

Pawan Kumar Bhargav, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Jubilant Foodworks.

He has 20 years of expertise in design, development, quality assurance, and end-to-end management. He is a senior technology leadership executive.

He has experience leveraging SOA, microservices, and cutting-edge technologies to construct highly scalable systems.

He helped develop scalable and secure infrastructure utilizing open-source tools like Docker and Kubernetes. He has a lot of practical experience with organizing, carrying out, and deploying crucial items under tight deadlines. He had worked for Yatra and Monster India before joining Jubilant Foodworks Limited.


“It was an informative session. Pawan really helped the viewers understand the concepts well in layman language”- Divya Suri, Business Development, FMCG

“Pawan’s answers reflected his rich experience!” Taru Pant, Business Consultant

Who can do this course?

  • Technology enthusiasts wanting to understand what Digital assets are
  • Freshers who want to understand which industry to work in, travel or FMCG
  • Women with career gaps looking to transition into tech aspect of the companies

Program Structure

This is a 45 minutes session with Pawan Kumar Sharma Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Jubilant Foodworks. It is led and facilitated by Sareena Singh, Partner of WiT

Session Flow

  • Difference in travel technology and food technology
  • Experience in transitioning from travel technology to food technology during covid
  • What are digital assets?
  • Using digital assets to scale businesses
  • How JFL is competing with Zomato and Swiggy
  • How teams across departments help each other to produce quality deliverables
  • Jubilant’s initiatives to fill the gap in women's employment
  • Q&A round


Know Your Trainer

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  • DURATION 45 Minute(s)
  • LEVEL Entry Level (0-2 years), Junior Level (2-7 years)
  • FORMAT Online Self Paced
  • Academy Business & Technical
  • Topics Software Development
  • KEY LEARNING AREA Difference in technology across different industries, define and building digital assets
  • SKILLS SAP (various modules)
  • BEST FOR Working Professionals

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