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By being the bridge between employees and leadership, managers play a very important role. In recent times, social and political turbulence, work-life fusion and hybrid work have added a new layer of complexity (and pressure) to managerial roles. And with this changing environment, the Manager Playbooks must evolve too!

Management skills need to interweave negotiation, problem-solving, & people management, and be augmented with practical experience to ensure that executive duties are enacted effectively and correctly. Managers also need to be able to handle the complexity of interpersonal and team dynamics in order to meet their goals.

The WeAce Managerial Effectiveness Assessment is designed to help you understand your readiness to become an efficient Manager by evaluating

  • Your Managerial Skills
  • Your Managerial Style

Through the WeAce Managerial Assessment, we evaluate an individual's Personal Accountability, Time Management, and Decision-Making Skills - the three most important skills to ensure smooth operations in the team.

The Assessment also evaluates an individual's people management skills to suggest their Management Style.


Why should you take this Assessment?

Evaluate your Managerial skills and style through the insights from this assessment and enhance your Managerial Effectiveness through the personalised action steps provided in the report.


Who can take this Assessment?

  • First-time Managers
  • People Managers and Team leaders
  • Entrepreneurs Handing Teams


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The assessment report includes:

  • Detailed report on each Skill
  • Insights into your Leadership or Managerial Style along with telling you about your blind spots and how to enhance your style and make it more effective.
  • Suggestions for focus areas.
  • DURATION 20 Minute(s)
  • Academy Assessments
  • Topics Assessment
  • KEY LEARNING AREA Awareness of Managerial Skills and Managerial Style

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