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This is a half-day program for a batch size of 30 professionals.


The Conscious Parenting initiative extends a guiding hand to employees, ushering them into the realm of conscious and mindful parenthood. 

Rooted in a holistic approach, this program empowers parents with practical tools to amplify emotional intelligence, thus nurturing harmonious parent-child relationships and weaving a seamless tapestry of work-life integration. 

The profound impact of conscious parenting on employee well-being, productivity, and overall fulfilment takes centre stage, heralding a corporate culture that cherishes emotional intelligence as a lodestar of triumphant success.

This transformative journey furnishes employees with the quintessential tools and insights—unfurling the art of emotional intelligence in parenting and illuminating the path of mindful parenting for the sacred balance of work and life.

Learning Objectives

  • Elevating Emotional Intelligence: Master the art of recognising, understanding, and harnessing emotions. 
  • Fostering Positive Parent-Child Bonds: Forge connections that emanate empathy, trust, and growth. 
  • Promoting Work-Life Integration: Seamlessly weave the threads of career and parenthood. Cultivating Mindful Parenting: Nourish a journey marked by mindfulness and purpose. Encouraging Self-Reflection: Catalyze personal evolution and expansion. 
  • Fostering a Supportive Corporate Culture: Participate in sculpting an ecosystem that champions conscious parenting.

Why should you attend? 

  • Chart a course towards conscious, compassionate, and effective parenting within the corporate context. 
  • Unearth the vital role of conscious parenting in orchestrating your own well-being, productivity, and holistic contentment. 
  • Forge a nurturing environment that reveres and buttresses your path as a conscious parent.

Know your trainer

A trainer by profession and humanist at heart Dr Shilpa Suri is a Positive Psychology Practitioner, Management Consultant and Life Skills Trainer. She holds a Doctorate in Psychology and has over two decades of industry and academic experience predominantly in Counseling, Training and Consultation. She is an expert in relational intelligence and has been enriching the tapestry of human abilities and emotions in diverse setups.  Her analytical skills in designing experiential workshops around personal excellence, productivity enhancement and leadership training have won her many accolades. Her in depth understanding of science of psychology and the ability to transform it to find long term solutions to everyday life issues makes her a sought after professional.

She is the Co Founder of S.N.M. IAS Academy, a leading institute for Civil Services preparation and Director at Planet Psychology – a career training institute for students pursuing psychology. She is on the advisory board for Career Profile Testing of Sinhgad Institute, Pune and was Deputy Chairwoman of CII IWN Tricity Chapter. She is a Counsel Member of WICCI Punjab Chapter and TIE Women Chandigarh.

She has worked with many Corporate houses, Government organizations and Higher Education institutes including Axis Bank, Hindustan Unilever, Nestle, CBSE, HIPA Shimla, Punjab Police Academy, Phillaur, Women and Child Welfare Dept., MGSIPA, NITTTR as a consultant and trainer and is also actively involved in many social causes involving education, health and wellness of the underprivileged, through SKS Foundation, a CSR wing of SNM IAS Academy .

Her mission is to use her knowledge and experience to help people handle their emotional and psychological issues and up skill them to lead a happier and fulfilling life.

Who can attend? 

Conscious Parenting program extends a hearty welcome to parents poised to unearth the treasures of mindful parenting—those eager to infuse parent-child connections with empathy, navigate the tides of work-life integration, and emerge as beacons of emotional intelligence.

For more information on pricing and registration, contact [email protected]

Program Structure

Conscious Parenting is a 2-hour Instructor Led program.

Session Flow

  • Awakening to Conscious Parenting: Navigating the landscape of emotional intelligence in parenting. 
  • Circle of Sharing: Dividing participants into age-relevant groups, exploring shared parenting challenges and solutions. 
  • The Mindful Parent: Exploring the art of effective communication, conflict resolution, and the crafting of meaningful boundaries. 
  • Harmonizing Roles: Embracing the delicate dance of balancing work and family commitments. 
  • Positive Discipline: A roadmap for nurturing growth while fostering discipline. 
  • The Mirror of Self-Reflection: Charting the course of personal growth and transformation. 
  • Nurturing a Corporate Haven: Illuminating how conscious parenting contributes to a supportive organisational culture, ensuring mutual upliftment.

Know Your Trainer

Get your certificate of completion

  • DURATION 3 Hour(s)
  • LEVEL Entry Level (0-2 years), Junior Level (2-7 years), Mid Level (8-15 years), Senior Level (15+ years), CXO Level
  • FORMAT Online Instructor Led
  • Academy Wellness
  • Topics Emotional Wellness
  • KEY LEARNING AREA Improved emotional well-being for employees and their families
  • SKILLS Database Management (SQL, MongoDB)
  • BEST FOR Parents who want to unearth the treasures of mindful parenting—those eager to infuse parent-child connections with empathy, navigate the tides of work-life integration, and emerge as beacons of emotional intelligence.

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