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Have you ever wondered how your phone recognises your face?

Or how you suddenly start seeing advertisements for the exact things you need?

Deep learning with machine learning architecture is flexible to be adapted to new problems in the future. The speakers talk about how machine learning, artificial intelligence and deep learning have changed our working patterns. It also covers how these new age technologies help in reducing the manual interventions and increasing the use of AI. 

Learning Outcomes:

  • You will be able to use AI for better self-service
  • You will know how deep machine learning can help you cope up with the surroundings and make adaptable changes
  • You will understand how deep learning can cater to a larger cap of problems with greater ease and efficiency

Why should you attend?

  • Learn and understand the different aspects of AI
  • Learn the application of AI in business and boost revenues
  • Strategise and deploy AI to boost productivity

Know the Speakers:

Suraj Amonkar - VP, Fractal Analytics 

Samreen Khan - MD, Zeta Charter Schools

Mounika Maddula - Senior Data Scientist, Fractal


"Power Packed discussion. Enjoyed every minute. " -  Rajesh Saha, Student

"Excellent course! Helped a technologically challenged person like me" - Ananta Babu, Student 

Who can do this course?

If you are looking for clarity on Deep Machine learning and how it is used in daily life, this course is for you.

Program Structure

Session Flow:

  • Elements of human intelligence to build AI.
  • Techniques and algorithms used to build Deep learning AI.
  • Challenges in building end to end deep learning solutions.
  • Machine Vision
  • Uses of Machine Vision such as advertising
  • Beyond supervised learning
  • Building diverse datasets
  • Natural Language Processing

Enable faster learning on machine vision and deep learning with an exclusive 60 minutes masterclass on Machine Vision and Deep Learning.

Know Your Trainer

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  • DURATION 1 Hour(s)
  • LEVEL Junior Level (2-7 years)
  • FORMAT Online Self Paced
  • Academy Business & Technical
  • Topics Machine Learning
  • KEY LEARNING AREA Machine Vision, Daily applications of AI and ML
  • SKILLS Artificial Intelligence

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