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Are you worried about your devices being hacked? Someone stealing your personal data and making you vulnerable?. Do you have increasing security concerns about your personal information being safe as technology progresses more and more everyday? 

Cyber crime statistics are escalating both in scale and complexity. Attacks affect everyone from essential services to multinational businesses and private individuals. 

As cyber crime is increasing with the use of information and communication technology, it is vital that all Internet users attain cybersecurity awareness and training, and make themselves unassailable.

Learning outcomes:

  • Understand the basics of online security and how to implement them in your daily life. 
  • Identify phishing attacks. 
  • Keep yourself updated about the latest attack/malware and how to protect yourself from it. 
  • Learn the basic parameters to protect your device and data while browsing internet. 
  • Identify settings that could harm your devices. 

Why should you attend? 

  1. Personal data is important and your own, learn how to protect it. 
  2. Learn how to use internet without cyber security concerns.
  3. Learn the best possible ways to protect your devices and avoid being victims to hackers! 

Know your Trainer  – Devang Shah

​With 9+ years as Freelance Corporate Trainer, Working professional, and Consultant, Devang has been conducting training on Cyber Security, Vulnerability Assessment Penetration testing and IT audit domains. He also does product-based training on security tools like – IBM Qradar SIEM, Logrythm, AlgoSec Firewall Audit, Burp Suite, Acunetix, Insight VM, Nessus, Metasploit, Archini, Tufin.

Devang has worked with companies like Simpli Learn, NIIT, New Clue, ATS Infotech, Cybrary and more.


“Excellent and interactive session....I learned a lot. Thankyou ” - Keerthipati

Who can do this course?

 This Program will help you immensely if you like to use technology while keeping yourself, your data and your devices away and safe from any hacks or leaks. 

Program Structure

Session flow

In this 1 hour virtual instructor led session,  you will become more cyber savvy and more confident against cyber attacks.

1. Introduction to End user security awareness: Why technical/non-technical person needs to understand the basics of security. 

2. Strong Passwords: 70% of the Cyber Attacks happen because of compromised user accounts, no review of the passwords etc. Thus it is important for the users to understand what is the importance of password complexity and how it will be useful in securing their transactions, confidential details, PII data etc.

3. Social Engineering:How to identify phishing attacks and which different ways the attacks can be triggered.

4. Cyber Security:Understanding how the global IT world handles security and how the company protects the user's data from Cyber Attacks. How users can keep updated about the latest attacks, malware, attack patterns etc.


  • Smear Phishing
  • Whaling
  • Smishing
  • Vishing

How users fall victim to attacks like phishing which impacts their finance, health and day to day working.What are the basic parameters a user must check before interacting with technology.

6. Physical Security:Users will understand why the companies focus more on the physical security and what are the attacks that can rise on the health as well as the Infra.

 7. Safer Digital Communications at Work: Checklist that a user has to follow before interacting with a technology and using it for exchanging confidential data.

8. Mobile Device Security:What a user must keep in mind while using a mobile application, what are the settings that are harmful for the user's handset, what are bloaters and why we should disable it, understanding on how the attacks use mobile phones to launch a phishing attacks etc.

 9. Better security road map

  • How the user can get the information about the latest threats
  • How the user can get involved in security exercises
  • How the user should follow clean desk policy

& more.

Know Your Trainer

Get your certificate of completion

  • DURATION 60 Minute(s)
  • LEVEL Entry Level (0-2 years), Junior Level (2-7 years)
  • FORMAT Online Self Paced
  • Academy Business & Technical
  • Topics Cyber Security
  • KEY LEARNING AREA Cyber security, strong password, phishing, mobile security
  • BEST FOR Anyone using the internet regularly for work and fun

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